In Memory Of Kenneth GIbson

History of Yankem Lures

Yankem Lures history runs deep in the Gibson family. Kenneth Gibson, the uncle of owner Seth Gibson, started making our unique and deadly spinnerbaits 20 years ago in Ballard County KY. Kenneth and his brother Ronnie, aka RG Big Bass, fished the waters of the Ballard County game reserve and Kentucky lake, both of which loved fishing a spinnerbait. Kenneth, over the course of 20 years, designed his own that was deadlier than any other spinnerbait that hit the water. With its unique design of a long shank and short arm, he found that the vibration of the lure was something big bass couldn't resist and would trigger strikes unlike any other spinnerbait. Kenneth called these spinnerbaits he created "The Cobra" with his motto being "For Bigger bass".

 "As Uncle Kenneth got older, he made these lures for friends and family. I knew these lures needed to be marketed for how good they were. I went down to his lodge one day and he showed me how to make these legendary lures and told me to go and do something with them. One of my life's missions is to honor his memory and put these in the hands of fisherman at a lower price than others. My uncle Kenneth was not a man about money, but a man with a love for fishing and would love nothing more than to see me make these lures at an affordable price for other fisherman. While we have other lures than just the original spinnerbait he designed, we will always have his design for sale called the "Cobra series" in honor of him."

- Seth Gibson CEO of Yankem Lures